Glenn Thompson

Glenn Thompson was born May 9, 1961 in Long Island, NY. He was raised in Aiken, South Carolina and did a lot of travelling when he was young as his father J.Willard Thompson was a steeplechase jockey and the family followed him from track to track. Growing up in Aiken, Glenn attended the Aiken Preparatory School and was fortunate to be there with an outstanding group of teachers. During the summers he would go up to New Jersey and work for his father who had since retired from riding steeplechase horses and started training the flats. Glenn's mother, Dorothy M. Thompson, also loved horses and had a few very nice show horses over the years. She also owned a linen store in downtown Aiken called The Guest Cottage. The day Glenn graduated from high school, he went to work full time at the racetrack and at age eighteen, took three horses to Penn National Racetrack and broke out on his own. He has been training ever since and been blessed with a beautiful wife, Lisa, and a very intertaining 17 month old daughter, Makenzie, a son, J Parker Thompson, who is now 28 and also works with horses, a wonderful ex-wife Ruthann. Glenn's best horse has been a horse named Two Notch Road, which he purchased from the Mid Atlantic Sale for $2,500 and he has gone on to win over two hundred thousand. We are looking foward to his five-year-old campaign. Glenn has recently written a book "The Tradition of Cheating at the Sport of Kings" and the topics discuss the integrity issues we are faced with in the thoroughbred sport and looks into solutions for those problems.