• Towards Better Horse Racing

    Horse racing is a complex sport and a major business as well! It has endless facets from the biology of breeding and caring for thoroughbred horses to the math of handicapping. Horse racing calls for experts from diverse fields to come together and work in tandem for the pleasure pf spectators and the profits of punters. The sport has enormous dimensions in terms of the number of enthusiasts and the financial investments involved. That is why horse racing needs elaborate organizational structures to manage the various aspects involved.

  • Elegance and Grace to Supplement Horse Racing Pleasure

    Though thoroughbreds and flat races dominate the world of horse racing, Dressage remains it’s most enchanting and endearing variation. While dressage steals the limelight briefly during the Olympics, true horse racing enthusiasts enjoy shows throughout the season every year. The spectacle of disciplined and skilled Dressage performance attains heights that put other horse racing events in the shade.

  • How Amateur Riding Clubs Bring Horse Racing to the Whole Family

    Horse racing can extend in to an exhilarating form of recreation for the whole family. The term conjures images of race tracks and bookmakers, but love for animals and enjoyable outdoor time of the highest quality can accompany the horse racing form of sports betting.

  • Rejoice for U.S. Horse Racing Has a New Star!

    Horse racing, under unkind attack from somewhat ignorant and biased quarters these days, can certainly do with this wonderful news! There is a new lady on the New York horse racing circuit, and at the exciting equestrian life of 3 years, has the makings of a legendary champion.

  • New Partnership for More Horse Racing Viewership

    Internationally horse racing is set to get even more global. Horse racing from several race courses are broadcast live to many countries of the world. A new television channel, Racing World owned by Racing UK, was launched in early March this year and has proved to be very popular with racegoers who have the opportunity to watch live horse racing from several venues including Golden Gate Fields, Gulfstream Park, Laurel Park, Oaklawn Park, Santa Anita Park and Turfway Park. This will increase during this year's spring and summer season when more horse racing Associations enter into agreements with the channel.

  • Top Horse Racing At Limerick

    Horse racing and the Irish are almost inseparable and when you add fine food, drink and music to the occasion, it ends up as a memorable day at the races. Limerick Race Course is the venue for flat, hurdle and steeplechase horse racing and is home to the famous Munster Grand National. The curious thing is that the race course has changed its venue to a brand new place while retaining its original name.

  • Coping with Doping in Horse Racing

    Any pattern of abrupt improvement in horse racing performance can arouse suspicions that a horse is under the influence of some pharmaceutical substance. However, this need not necessarily be the case, and there can be legitimate reasons for improvement in speed timings and trip behavior. Gelding, for example, will results in better speed timings. Training has obvious and major impacts, and a break from a grueling schedule of horse racing can often prove beneficial for both horse and rider.

  • Ascot Brings Shame on Horse Racing

    Many horse racing lovers attach a kind of reverence to the name of Ascot. Supported by British Royalty, the race track has long been synonymous with the best traditions of this ancient sport. Ascot has also been the beneficiary of major fund injections to help it upgrade to cutting-edge standards and to retain its vanguard position in the world of horse racing.

  • Synthetic Tracks Make Horse Racing Safer

    Since horse racing is sometimes criticized for its safety record, every effort to avoid accidents during races is worthwhile. Some risks relate to dangerous riding and racing stewards hand out tough punishments whenever they come across such incidents. However, soggy and uneven racing tracks can also cause horses to stumble, and hence artificial surfaces offer much promise to make horse racing safer.

  • A Top International Horse Racing Name

    Horse racing can hardly get more international than this! It is English by origin, but with important bases in Australia, the United States and South Africa, and an Arab Sheikh as owner. The Darley Stud Management Company truly spans the globe with a consistent stream of some of the best thoroughbreds the world has ever seen.